Kanye West wants President Trump to replace Air Force One with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Jet called the Aerocruiser Designed by Shabtai Hirshberg

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On Thursday, October 11th, 2018 Kanye West told President Trump that he should ride in the “The freshest, the flyest,” and replace Air Force One with the Aerocruiser designed by Shabtai Hirshberg. Clean Energy News had the opportunity to discuss the project with the designer of the Aircraft…

Q. Tell us about your Redesign of a Commercial Aircraft for 2030 project?

A. The project started out by researching current commercial airflight. Looking ahead and forecasting usage patterns through 2030, the projections demonstrate that commercial passengers will double current airflight capacity. I was surprised that no one was doing anything about a solution.

Courtesy Getty Images

Q. What is the name of this Aircraft?

A. The aircraft’s name is Aerocruiser which is a combination of “aero” = aircraft + cruiser which derives from “cruise speed” = most optimal speed for an aircraft. The Aerocruiser is designed to travel at trans-sonic flight speeds of Mach ~0.89-0.95.

Q. Can you describe your aircraft and what inspired the design?

A. The Aerofoil design is intended for land and water take-off/landing capabilities. This design can help expand current airport capacities without negative impact to the surrounding neighborhoods while utilizing the world’s water bodies as a natural resource.

Q. Are you currently in collaboration with Kanye West and President Trump to replace Air Force One with the Aerocruiser?

A. Not currently but I would be very happy to work with them on this project.

Q. How will the Aerocruiser help with greenhouse gas emissions?
A. In addition to passenger capacity, the design requires less propulsion and as a result, less fuel and emissions. Side by side with a 787, this aircraft would take up less physical and carbon footprint. The Aerocruiser is more efficient.

Q. Why did you select Hydrogen as the fuel for the Aerocruiser?

A. This project was about a futuristic design, the choice to leverage hydrogen fuel cell technology would be to reduce impact on the environment. If we were to build this craft with today’s available technologies, I would consider leveraging turbo fans.

Q. What would a typical flight time be for this Hydrogen Fuel Cell jet?

A. At hypersonic (Mach 5) speeds, the Aerocruiser could fliy from NYC to London in 30 minutes.

Q. How would this aircraft help develop the Hydrogen Economy?

A. There is a possibility to leverage electrolysis to generate the hydrogen as the fuel source. Air vapor could be used in the Aerocruiser design.

Q. What other transportation design projects are you currently working on?

A. I am currently working with a London based firm on building an Aerocruiser 2.0 based on my aircraft design.