Forget ice! This off-grid cooler uses the sun’s rays to chill your food

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A few years ago, the Coolest Cooler burst onto Kickstarter and quickly raked in more than $13 million to bring it to market. While lengthy delays turned into a controversial project, a new type of cooler just landed on a crowdfunding platform with its own goal of reinventing the humble food and drink chiller. And this one promises to be with customers in just a few months.

This time around, however, it’s taking a somewhat different approach. While the Coolest Cooler focused on party features like in-built Bluetooth speakers, the GoSun Chill’s innovation involves its method of keeping food chilled. Rather than relying on anything as boring as ice, it uses brushless compressor motors and lithium-ion batteries for cooling. You can charge it using a power cord, or — more impressively — using solar panel charging to keep your beverages icy. Where else could you use the sun’s rays to cool things down? Heck, you can even use the excess power from the detachable 144wh Powerbank to charge your devices multiple times.

“Portable fridges have demanded large power needs and must be plugged into a running vehicle — typically trucks — or a generator,” Patrick Sherwin, CEO of manufacturer GoSun, told Digital Trends. “GoSun’s engineers brought together an efficient brushless compressor with a compact, high output battery pack to create a cooler that never needs ice. With the flexible solar panel or solar table, you can continue to power the GoSun Chill, so you don’t need to resupply throughout the day.”

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GoSun isn’t known for its coolers. Its best-known products are the opposite of a cooler: Its solar ovens, which have shipped more than 30,000 units, including 1,500 to the American Red Cross. Pushing the fuel-free frontier, GoSun now wants to offer the next step in what it says as its dream of an outdoor kitchen. “The GoSun Chill provides both cooling and power for devices, plus it is compatible with our latest hybrid solar and electric oven, the GoSun Fusion,” Sherwin continued.

Although GoSun Chill is cool (no pun intended) from a technological point of view, there are other reasons to consider it, too. While it’s similar in size to a standard cooler, the 40-liter cooler can fit 40% more food and drink inside, since there’s no ice using up valuable internal space.

As ever, we offer our usual warnings about the risks inherent in crowdfunding campaigns. However, if you’re happy to take the risk, head over to Indiegogo and pledge your cash. Prices start at $549 for the early bird model with solar panel, while a version without the solar tech comes in at $479. Shipping is set to take place in August.

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Kanye West wants President Trump to replace Air Force One with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Jet called the Aerocruiser Designed by Shabtai Hirshberg

Courtesy Getty Images

On Thursday, October 11th, 2018 Kanye West told President Trump that he should ride in the “The freshest, the flyest,” and replace Air Force One with the Aerocruiser designed by Shabtai Hirshberg. Clean Energy News had the opportunity to discuss the project with the designer of the Aircraft…

Q. Tell us about your Redesign of a Commercial Aircraft for 2030 project?

A. The project started out by researching current commercial airflight. Looking ahead and forecasting usage patterns through 2030, the projections demonstrate that commercial passengers will double current airflight capacity. I was surprised that no one was doing anything about a solution.

Courtesy Getty Images

Q. What is the name of this Aircraft?

A. The aircraft’s name is Aerocruiser which is a combination of “aero” = aircraft + cruiser which derives from “cruise speed” = most optimal speed for an aircraft. The Aerocruiser is designed to travel at trans-sonic flight speeds of Mach ~0.89-0.95.

Q. Can you describe your aircraft and what inspired the design?

A. The Aerofoil design is intended for land and water take-off/landing capabilities. This design can help expand current airport capacities without negative impact to the surrounding neighborhoods while utilizing the world’s water bodies as a natural resource.

Q. Are you currently in collaboration with Kanye West and President Trump to replace Air Force One with the Aerocruiser?

A. Not currently but I would be very happy to work with them on this project.

Q. How will the Aerocruiser help with greenhouse gas emissions?
A. In addition to passenger capacity, the design requires less propulsion and as a result, less fuel and emissions. Side by side with a 787, this aircraft would take up less physical and carbon footprint. The Aerocruiser is more efficient.

Q. Why did you select Hydrogen as the fuel for the Aerocruiser?

A. This project was about a futuristic design, the choice to leverage hydrogen fuel cell technology would be to reduce impact on the environment. If we were to build this craft with today’s available technologies, I would consider leveraging turbo fans.

Q. What would a typical flight time be for this Hydrogen Fuel Cell jet?

A. At hypersonic (Mach 5) speeds, the Aerocruiser could fliy from NYC to London in 30 minutes.

Q. How would this aircraft help develop the Hydrogen Economy?

A. There is a possibility to leverage electrolysis to generate the hydrogen as the fuel source. Air vapor could be used in the Aerocruiser design.

Q. What other transportation design projects are you currently working on?

A. I am currently working with a London based firm on building an Aerocruiser 2.0 based on my aircraft design.